The printed circuit board is the backbone of all electronic devices. The combination of an insulator board, patterned copper strips, and the plated through-holes produces something crucial to all electronic devices and equipment used in everyday life. One could not even begin to imagine what it would be like to not have them around. Simply put, they endlessly change every aspect of modern life.

In communication, printed circuit boards have enabled inventors and scientist alike to develop telephones, wireless phones, and now, cellular phones. Space satellites substantiated with extremely complex printed circuit boards process the countless signal messages received and sent. These satellites also manipulate the signals used to access the worldwide web.

pic_PCB_mainIn transportation, the ingenuity of the printed circuit board has taken humanity to the depths of the ocean, mapping and studying it through advanced gadgets like sonar mapping devices and modern ship navigation systems. Through the skies, the potential of PCBs have taken people to the moon and back, and now the entire human species aims to reach another planet – not to mention how many people are actually airborne the moment you’re reading this. On land, experts have designed impeccable vehicles that kept a style and character synonymous with innovation and marketability.

In medicine, NANO-robots have been made to simultaneously cure diseases that were once thought incurable. People have built machines to look inside the human body without even opening it. Nowadays, there are even brain-controlled robotic parts used to replace lost human limbs. Due to devices that contain PCBs, it’s now possible to splice a cell and cultivate an organ.

In arts, hasn’t technology brought entertainment to its glory days? Individuals create art that has never been as perfect before. People create music from high-tech instruments and make the whole world listen to it through televisions and even by your neighbor’s sound systems.

In astronomy. scientists have already photographed the solar system, our galaxy, our nebula, and humanity has even sized the depths of the universe. Technology made it possible for individuals to travel millions of light-years away to experience the world beyond Earth’s breathable atmosphere.

In culture and religion, people have began to embrace perspectives they previously did not know. Although humans are still far from eliminating the boundaries that separates races, the change brought forth by technology (particularly those that provide information) gave them a good start.

Of course, these are all miracles credited to technology, science and engineering. But then again will modern technology be as it is without the unparalleled capacity of the printed circuit board?

In everyday life, when you go to the grocery for example, you notice surveillance cameras that provide a sense of security. Dissect those little eyes and what do you get? Now go to the cashier and pay for your goods and notice — who monitors your bill? A related duty is tasked to every Automated Teller Machine out there.

PCBThe point is, it does not take an electronics engineer to appreciate how beautiful and promising technology is. Although it cannot be denied that there the threats associated with it, the benefits still outnumber the detriments. Wherever you go, whatever you bring, whoever you are with, you are together with the rest of humanity due to technology. And, at its core is an invention that had its humble beginnings from an idea. PCBs have been playing a vital role for the progress of the entire human race. These constantly evolved in form, furthering the reach of technological capacity. Truth be told, the printed circuit board has worked many miracles before society even began believing in its worth.

What can you build using shipping containers?

Shipping containers (also called as storage or intermodal containers) are commonly used to transport freight to other countries. They are made from corrugated steel and are large enough to carry a ton of various goods.

ContainerThese rectangular-shaped containers are also used for constructing certain establishments. One good thing about them is that, they are very durable. They can actually withstand fires and strong winds. Storage containers are also more affordable than other materials used for construction.

You can actually create various things using these storage containers. To know some of them, below is a guide that will tell you about some of them.

1. Homes

Homes can be constructed using intermodal containers. These boxes can be insulated and decorated as well. You can actually add doors and windows to make a container look like a typical home. If you want a bigger house, you can also add stairs and connect it to another container. Today, many people worldwide are actually living in shipping container homes.

2. Medical/Dental Clinics

Storage containers can also be used to build medical or dental clinics. It’s up to you whether you’ll attach the container to a truck for it to move or place it in an accessible location. Medical equipment like dentist chairs and x-ray machines can actually fit inside a container.

3. Offices

Want to hire people immediately? Then construct a portable office using a container. You can use it for team meetings and job interviews. You’re also free to place it anywhere you want. You can put it near a construction site or in a park.

4. Recording Studios

If you’re a musician and you want your own recording studio so bad, worry no more. You can utilize a 45-feet shipping container to build one. It’s absolutely large enough to fit a sound booth and a control room. You can also ask your fellow musicians to rent it so that you can earn more money.

5. Food Shops

With the help of intermodal containers, you can also construct moving food shops that tour nationwide. You can use the refrigerated container to place your products (e.g. meat) while the regular container will be the area where you will entertain your costumers.

6. Clothing Stores

If you do not have enough money to pay for mall space, maybe you can build container clothing stores with fitting rooms instead. You can place them in a location where there is foot traffic. Doing that thing can help you sell your products easily and save money at the same time.

7. Restaurants

Restaurants and coffee shops can also be constructed using storage containers. A kitchen can actually fit inside one big container. These boxes are actually ideal for restaurateurs who want to build an open-air restaurant. You can also attach these boxes to vehicles to produce food trucks.

8. Game Booths

Shipping containers can also be used in carnivals. You can turn them into game booths that offer cool prizes to those who will win. Containers with large openings will be great for games like darts, ring toss, and milk bottle throw.

9. Mobile Stages

If concert organizers don’t have time to prepare a concert stage, they can turn an opened intermodal container into a mobile stage instead. Lights and huge speakers can actually fit in that kind of stage. It can also accommodate a lot of performers. No need for them to rent concert halls or arenas in order to perform for the audience.

10. Toilet and Shower Rooms

You can also build mobile toilet or shower rooms with the help of shipping containers. It will be useful for open-air events. If you want to show your love to the people, you can also let the homeless people to utilize them for free.

How to Clean and Store Military Coins

If you are a collector of military coins, you should know how to take care of them. This means that you need to know how to clean and store them properly in order to keep them in mint condition. These coins, as you know, are not ordinary coins. They are especially valuable if you got them as a reward for your public service. For more information about military coins visit to

If you are an amateur collector, you should probably just leave your coin collection alone. Cleaning your coins the wrong way may damage them and lower their value. However, if they have become dirty, you will need to clean them. Just make sure that you are very careful so as not to damage them.

military coinsWhen cleaning the coins, you need to use warm water and a mild cleaning solution. You can use a dish washing soap, for instance. Also, see to it that you only use your hands to clean the coins. You should not use a brush or cloth unless you want to leave microscopic scratches on your military coins and subsequently lower their value.

You also have to be gentle. You should never rub the coins in a rough manner. Instead, you should rub their surfaces with the pad of your finger. Start at the center and move your finger in a circular motion. Be careful not to rub the coins too much. When you are done, you should rinse them under running water from your faucet before rinsing them in distilled water.

Finally, you should lay down your coins on a paper towel or cloth and allow them to dry naturally. You should never use a silver polisher or tarnish remover to clean your coin collection. These cleaning solutions contain ingredients that can strip the coins of their natural oxidizing properties. So if you use these products to clean your coins, your coins will get damaged and reduce or even lose their value.

Aside from knowing how to clean your military coins, you should also know how to store them. See to it that you keep them away from external factors that may be harmful to their condition.

Copper, gold, and silver coins are especially at risk of corrosion if exposed to moisture, water, etc. Any degree of humidity or dampness can also be damaging to iron coins. Corrosive by-products can accumulate on their surfaces and make the corrosion process much quicker. Hence, you need to keep your coin collection in a clean, dry place to maintain their pristine condition.

In addition, you should keep your military coins away from polluted areas. Organic acids and other airborne pollutants, such as hydrogen sulphide, can be present in the atmosphere; when your coins are exposed to these elements, they can tarnish easily. This is especially true for silver and copper coins.

It is ideal to store your coins individually with the use of coin holders known as flips. These coin flips will let you protect and store your coins while still being able to identify them easily and quickly. You can use flips made with vinyl or Mylar, an archival-safe material. As much as possible, you should avoid coin flips made with polyvinyl chloride due to their corrosive properties.

Aside from coin flips, you can also use coin holders, coin folders, coin boxes, coin cases, snap-lock cases, coin display cases, and coin slabs. Keep in mind that storing your military coins properly is crucial if you want to protect them against moisture, sunlight, temperature, oil, weight, and scratches.

See to it that the coins fit their holders well, especially if you are using plastic holders or airtight containers. Wooden cabinets and paper holders are not recommended to be used as storage because of their acidic properties that can cause corrosion.

ID Lanyards: How Lanyards Came About

Are you using ID lanyards?

Whether you are an employer who has opted for lanyards as your employees’ ID holders, or an office worker who prides in wearing their IDs with lanyards, you can’t deny how lanyards have boosted your image as a professional and even as a business entity.

Today’s Means for Safety

ID lanyards were first used to help secure the safety of workers, particularly those who work in factories. How do lanyards help with that?

ID lanyards

Before lanyards were even used, employees use to clip or pin their IDs on their uniforms. This helps security identify them. It’s not enough to simply wear a uniform. There may be outsiders posing as employees. However, for factory workers, wearing IDs can be hazardous especially if they work with machines. There have been incidents where IDs are caught in machines which causes accidents especially since the wearer finds it hard to break lose – or at least remove the ID from being caught. For this, companies and factory areas have opted to use ID lanyards for their employees’ use.

A lanyard has three parts: the cord which you wear, the ID holder which can be a pin, clip, or a string, and the swivel. These make it convenient for workers to use it.

Earlier Lanyards

Lanyards have provided workers a more convenient way, and even stylish way, to wear their IDs. While these may seem more popular today, lanyards have been around longer. They have been used as early as the 15th century in France. This is where the name “lanyard” came from, derived from the word “Laniere” which describes a thong or a strap apparatus.

Before workers and even students used lanyards to hold their IDs, French soldiers used it to connect their pistols, sword and even whistle to their uniforms. This allowed them to have it at all times and from losing it.

Cavalry and naval officers also used these. Lanyards were useful in keeping items from getting lost. They specifically made it fit to the item they were to keep close like pistol lanyards. These allow users to easily remove the pistol and reattach it.

Lanyards for Decorations

From being used by soldiers, lanyards became decorative items. The most popular example can be seen in the movie The Good, The Bad and the Ugly which stars Eli Wallach. In the film, Eli’s character, Tuco Ramirez, carried his pistol using a lanyard. It was later revealed that the reason the director added it was after they find difficulty in putting the pistol in the holster.

After Eli used a lanyard in the film, it became more of a fashion statement than something that was used to hold an item close to the body. Lanyards were released in the market in various color combinations and patterns. They were even used by today’s military especially in holding a whistle like how the 15th century French soldiers used it.

Over the years, lanyards were used for other purposes and even by other professionals. Coaches used it to hold not only their whistles but also their timers. Adventure seekers used it to hold compasses. There are other uses to lanyards and each of these was sold in different colors, braids and even length. They now come in different designs and style too.

Lanyards for Promotions

Due to the decorative use of lanyards, businessmen used it to promote their products. It has become an effective way to advertise their brands especially during bazaars, seminars, and forums. These are used as giveaways and are sometimes sold in shops which people buy and support, especially the teens. ID lanyards are more in demand in the market too with teens opting for cooler designs. Offices used their company’s lanyards, taking pride of where they work. Today, there are many types of lanyards which are all made in with different materials. It has gone a long way and continues to provide different uses for it.