Facts about PHP programming language

phpPHP which is officially known as “Hypertext Preprocessor” was released in 1995. Initially, a set of Common Gateway Interface (CGI) in the ‘C’, PHP was originally designed to replace a set of Perl scripts to maintain his personal home pages (also known as PHP). PHP was originally designed to create dynamic and interactive web pages. This is the most widely used open source software and general-purpose scripting language. This is a server-side scripting language, often written in an HTML context. PHP code in a script can query databases, create images, read and write, and talk to the remote serverami.Vyhod of PHP code in conjunction with the HTML in the script, and the result is sent to the user.

You can use PHP in almost every operating system. PHP can be used in all major operating systems including Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and RISC OS. PHP uses a procedural or object-oriented programming, as well as mixtures thereof. PHP is used mainly in server-side scripting, command line interface and write applications for desktop computers. PHP also supports ODBC, open standard to connect to the database, which allows you to connect to other databases in support of this global standard. Server-side scripting is the most traditional of PHP. In order to use PHP for server-side scripting you need a parser PHP, Web server and Web brauzer.PHP code is entered with the analyzer on the web server will be redirected to a page PHP, which can be viewed on your web browser.

PHP is a popular language, because it can be embedded directly in HTML-coding. It has more advantages, such as the following – it can be used on all major operating systems and can be supported by most Web servers. The latest version of PHP development is very stable and adult language used for web programming such as Java and Microsoft C #. Both engines are PHP and the PHP code can be used on any platform that makes PHP very flexible.

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